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江苏美谷塑胶工业有限公司坐落于素有鱼米之乡美称的江苏苏州。自成立来,公司规模不断壮大,现有员工一百余人,厂房面积八万余平米。公司坚持高起点、高标准的战略目标,引进了国内先进的 PC 板材挤出( 共挤UV层)生产设备和技术,精选 BAYERSABIC 进口高分子原料生产,产品严格执行SO9001:2008 国际质量管理系认证,并通过国家化学建筑材料检测中心及国家防火建筑材料检测,并由拥有丰富从业经验的专家进行技术指导和生产管理。公司引进美国 FT-IR 红外光谱仪和 TGA 热失币分析仪、意大利 CEAST 溶脂测试仪、台式分光测色仪、ROHS 指标测试仪、水分测定仪、黑点检测仪、HDT/icat 测试仪、万能试验机和复合摆锤冲击仪等分析测试设备,经过严格的质量控制流程和测试检验来确保产品质量,公司始终坚持产品质量视为企业生存的基础,把满足客户的要求作为宗旨,把诚信负责作为经营原则。美谷塑胶科技 PC 板材产品包括两层中空板、多层中空板、X 型中空板、蜂窝板、防雾滴板、通用耐力板、颗粒板、磨砂板、浪瓦系列等,广泛应用于建筑采光、广告标牌、声屏障、警用盾牌、机械防护、温室大棚、阳光房和采光顶等工程项目,出口到欧美、日韩、东南亚等国家和地区,公司立志成为客户心目中的放心品牌,我们真诚期待与您携手共进,一起创造美好的明天

Meigu is commilted to ceveloping thermoplastic technology to create value for application customers in variousfields.

Jiangsu Meigu Plastic industry Co..L.TD. ls located in jiangsusuzhou. which is known as the land of fish and riceSince its establishment, the company has grown in size, with more than 100 employees and 80 thousand squaremeters of plant area, Companies adhere to a high starling point, high stanidard of strategic target, introduced themost advanced talian UNION PC sheet extrusion (layer co-extrusion UV) production equipment and technology.BAYER,SABIC imported polymer materials production, products strictly enforce the ISO9001:2008 intemationalgualty mmanagerment systern certification, and through the nat onal cherical buiking materials test center and thenational fire protection building materials detection, and the nch experience of experts for technical guidance andproduction

management. The company introduces the FT - IR infrared spectrometer and TGA thermo-gravimetricanalyzer, ltaly CEAST de-fatting tester, desktop light color mmeasurerment instrument, ROHS deteclor index testermoisture tester, black spots, HDT/Vicat tester, universal testing machine, and analysis of compound pendulumimpact tester and test equipment, strict quality control process and test inspection to ensure product quality.The comipany always insisls on the quality of products as the basis for the survival of the enterprise, to rreet therequirements of the customers as the purpose, and responsible for the integrity of the management principle.Embellish city plastic technology PC plank product consists of two layers of corrugated board, multlayer insulatingboard, X type hollw plate, honeycom panel, prevent droplels, general enduranice board, parlidle board, grindingplate, wave tile series and so on, are widely used in architectural lighting, advertising signs, sound barriers, policeshield, mechanical protection, greenhouses, sun room and lighting engineering

projects, such as export to EuropeAmerica, Japan and South Korea, southeast Asia and other couniries arid regions, the coripany aimis lo becornethe customer's trust the brand, we sincerely look forward to working with you hand in hand advance togethercreae beautful tomorrow together.

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